“Lemon Fred”
Season 1, Episode 3b
Lemon Fred 2
Air Date

March 2, 2012


Jon Ross


Dave Payne

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Lemon Fred is the second part of the third episode of Fred: The Show. It aired on Nickelodeon in the United States on March 27, 2012. In this episode, Fred opens a highly successful lemonade stand called "Lemon Fred's" to earn money for a new scooter.

Plot SummaryEdit

Fred starts the episode talking about a new scooter he really wants. He has no money, sadly. So, he starts to think up another business venture and makes a small lemonade stand on the lawn.

When nobody stops and buys any, he decides to transform his living room and kitchen into Lemon Fred's, a lemonade cafe. Soon after the transformation, the popularity of Lemon Fred's rose and when Bertha invites Fred to the beach off-screen, he decides to hire an employee so he can go.

He hires a guy (played by Dillion Lane from Bucket & Skinner) to take his place while he's away. But, since Fred is skeptical about him, he dresses up as a man in a Vaudeville-like get-up to spy on him. When a guy comes in dressed up exactly like Fred, the man reveals he's a health inspector who thinks the restaurant is violating many heath codes.

Just then, Hilda comes in and sees her clam juice is missing, revealing Fred stole it for his lemonade. The health inspector asks him if he's Fred, and he pretends that he's not, but his replacement rated him out. Bertha calls again, and he says he can come after all just as his scooter here delivered. He then hurriedly leaves on it.


Guest StarsEdit


  • This is the first of 4 times a major actor has guest starred on the show. The other three are Grace Dzienny and Ryan Potter (from Supah Ninjas) and Rachel Crow (from The X-Factor).
  • Bertha was absent in this episode, but she had an off-screen role.
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