Kevin-Diesel Friendship
Nickname(s) Kiesel
Started Friendship Before Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred
Status Best Friends / Lovers

The relationship between Kevin and Diesel is known as Kiesel (Kevin/Diesel).

Proof they're gayEdit

In Fred 2, Diesel and Kevin seem to be only friends. Diesel is a source of support for Kevin, and an occasional hype-man. In the second movie, Diesel comes to Kevin’s house in order to save his sister from Fred who is pretending to be a vampire. He was willing to sacrifice his life for Kevin’s sister cause at this point in the film series, Diesel is obviously whipped. In Fred 3, he becomes much more. The two are always on screen together. The two have a handshake and Kevin gets upset when Diesel messes up. Kevin only gets mad because Diesel can’t remember their handshake which is obviously a cry of their love. They are seen talking very close to each other's faces (sexual tension), and perform acts of love for each other. When Kevin drops his hat at the end of their musical number, Diesel picks it up for him as a good boyfriend would do. Diesel also uses the gruel pump to rip Kevin's clothes off (obviously for ulterior purposes). They are clearly in love.

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