“Fred the Teen Sitter”
Season 1, Episode 2a
Fred the Teen Sitter 3
Air Date

February 24, 2012


Josh Herman & Adam Schwartz


Jonathan Judge

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Fred the Teen Sitter is the first part of the second episode of Fred: The Show. It aired on Nickelodeon in the United States on March 6, 2009. In this episode, Fred has to babysit Kevin, thanks to the book "How to Be a Good Babysitter for Kids of All Ages".

Plot SummaryEdit

Fred babysits Kevin, all thanks to the book "How to Be a Good Babysitter for Kids of All Ages". But when he thinks that Kevin is being bad he treats him like a baby and Kevin gets angry and starts acting like one. So Fred changes him, feeds him, burps him and tries to put him to sleep like a baby. In the end, Kevin discovers that his mom left him in Fred's house because she wants free time. A depressed Kevin feels like he's no good for anyone and cries. Fred says that even if he's a jerk, like his talking doctor says, it's never too late to change. Kevin agrees but tells Fred if he told anybody he (Kevin) cried, then he'd kill him.



  • Running gag- Fred keeps following directions from his mom's book.
  • the first time kevin cries
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