“Fred and the Scary Movie”
Season 1, Episode 4a
Fred and the Scary Movie
Air Date

March 9, 2012


Josh Herman & Adam Schwartz


Jonathan Judge

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Lemon Fred


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Fred and the Scary Movie is the first part of the fourth episode of Fred: The Show. It aired on Nickelodeon in the United States on April 3, 2012. In this episode, Fred watches a scary movie with Holly, the baddest girl in school, but his crazy antics cause trouble.

Plot SummaryEdit

When a girl named Holly moves next door, Fred acts like a bad boy to get her to fall in love with him. he has to steal a movie from Kevin's collection. He decides to dress up like future Kevin and steal the movie from the collection. At night, when Holly comes he shows her the movie and they watch it together. When they finish the movie, Fred thinks that the ghost is in his house. In the end, they both discover that the sound is Kevin, who realized that Fred stolen his movie. Holly, however, likes what Fred did to go through all that trouble. Shortly after that, Hilda comes home to find that Fred destroyed the house and grounded him but Fred says that he’s a man now and she shuts off the lights and Fred gets scared and crawls upstairs to his room and tells Holly that he’ll call her later.


Guest StarsEdit


  • This is the second of four times a major guest actor has guest starred. The other three times were with Dillion Lane from Bucket & Skinner, Ryan Potter from Supah Ninjas (Dzienny is also on that show), and Rachel Crow from The X-Factor.
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