Fred 4: Bang Bang You're Fred is the fourth movie in the Fred franchise. It was never released due to the adult nature of the film compared to prior entries and only a quick plot synopsis has surfaced.

 Synopsis Edit

There's a new kid in school, but something about him seems off. Fred tries to befriend him, but being the retard that he is, ends up spilling his food on the new kid's pair of Air Jordan shoes.

As it turns out, the new kid is the son of a member of a growing terrorist group known as the Really Evil Mafia Squad, and because of Fred, they are now threatening to drop a nuclear bomb on to Fred's house. Will Fred be able to make peace with the growing threat, or will everything he has come to love end up being vaporized in a mushroom cloud?

 Trivia Edit

  • This movie had a brand deal with Nike to promote their new Air Jordan shoes.
  • The title is a pun on the film "Bang Bang You're Dead"
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