Fred 3: Camp Fred (Stylized as FЯED 3: CAMP FЯED) is a 2019 slice of life film written by Core G. Johnson, directed by Mia Neign and produced by Lucas Cruikshank. The film is a continuation of the popular movie FЯED: The Movie and its sequel FЯED 2: Night of the Living FRED. After a long awaited decade, Lucas Cruikshank hosts his creation alongside a multitude of celebrities in a philosophical journey through anarchy and self-discovery. The movie was released in Thai theaters on January 2, 2019. On February 21 of the same year, the movie was released to theaters worldwide. The film reached critical acclaim.

Plot Edit

The story starts off after the events of Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred. After Fred’s mother discovers the anime body pillow that he’d hid in his piss-filled drawer, he is sent off to a “rehabilitation” camp where he is forced to make knock-off Apple Airpods for rich Polish children. After weeks of severely harsh labor in a dark and musty factory room, Fred tries to start an uprising against Hadolf Aitler, the main leader of the camp cult. Trying to keep from attracting any suspicion, Fred creates an underground hideaway and fills it with bottles of highly flammable piss and toenail clippings. He stays inside his stinky piss dungeon for exactly 98 hours, 29 minutes, and 22.567 seconds, but he soon falls into a deep madness because of the smell. When he emerges, Fred immediately murders the closest camp counselor and skins him. Fred wears said skin as a suit and marches towards the camp with a fully-loaded MG-32 with murder on his mind. Fred kicks down the lunchroom doors, screaming “Hey, it's Fred!” saying his iconic catchphrase. The credits begin to roll.

Fred meets up with the resistance, a group of French deserters that has abandoned the fight above. They had attempted on assassinating the higher powers multiple times to no avail, but seeing Fred escape with such vigor, they had invited him to become a lieutenant within their corps. After Fred quickly accepts, he locks himself within a bathroom stall, questioning his own true motives and actions. Was murder necessary? Was this all for him, or for all the people who fell under Aitler’s injustice?

^ Whoever wrote the plot did a very nice job! Izzy OUT!

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