Fred-Starr Friendship
Frarr 2
General Information
Nickname Frarr
Intimacy Level Possible Crushes; Friends
Started Friendship Class Election (1)
Friendship Status Best Friends

The friendship between Fred Figglehorn and Starr is known as Frarr (Fred/Starr). The friendship established in Class Election (1), when they both bumped into each other after they were both ranting about how rude people are.

Frarr MomentsEdit

Season 1Edit

Class Election (1) and (2)

  • They bumped into eachother.
  • They were talking about how people looks like a "Pinball Machine" pushing the others.
  • They both have an imagination.
  • Fred makes Starr his campaign manager.
  • Starr helps Fred win for Class President.
  • Starr makes billboards and rhymes for the election.
  • They compete against eachother
  • Fred discovers that she is cheating
  • In the second part, it's reveal that she was cheating to get votes for Fred and Kevin and no one gets to be the Class President

Flour Baby

  • Fred and Starr team up for a school project, taking care of a sack full of flour
  • Starr decides to name the sack of flour "Frarr". (their ship name)
  • They get bored of the baby and Starr leaves Fred alone with their unisex child.
  • When Fred loses Frarr, Starr helps him.
  • They discover that they're unisex child was used to make a cake. (Hilda maked the cake)

The Battle of Little Figglehorn

  • Starr helps Fred to stand up for himself.
  • Starr gets a little shocked when Fred tells her that he is moving to Alaska.
  • She helps him to plan something to embarass Kevin.


  • It seemed that Fred and Starr were rivals in Class Election (2), but it is unsure.This was shown to be true since they were competing between each other but she was cheating to make Fred and Kevin lose for school president.
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