Fred-Judy Relationship
General Information
Nickname Frudy; Jred
Intimacy Level Good Friends; Ex-Boyfriend/Girlfriend
Started Dating Fred: The Movie
Dating Status Broken Up (before Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred)

The relationship between Fred Figglehorn and Judy is known as Frudy (Fred/Judy) or Jred (Judy/Fred). Their relationship was established in Fred: The Movie after he perused her throughout the whole film. They broke up sometime between the first film and it's sequel.

Frudy MomentsEdit

In Fred: The Movie, Fred is first seen crushing on Judy, who is unbeknownst to this. He is seen having a daily spying schedule for her after school. He then tries to go to her house, but her boyfriend Kevin keeps this from happening. So, after finally getting to her house, he has to go further due to the fact that she moved.

Once he finally gets the way to her house, he goes after her. He makes it to her house, but he is humiliated after Kevin makes Fred vomit on Judy. After she rudely dismisses him from her home, he swears that he is over her. But, when she comes over to her house and asks if they can sing together, he happily invites her in and they sing.

In Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred, Fred mentions that he broke up with Judy because it was hard for him.

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