Fred-Bertha Friendship
General Information
Nickname Fertha; Bred
Intimacy Level Best Friends
Started Friendship "Fred Meets Bertha" (web-series)
Friendship Status Possible Crushes

The friendship between Fred Figglehorn and Bertha is known as Fertha (Fred/Bertha). The friendship established early in the Fred web-series, and it hasn't ended since.

Fertha MomentsEdit

In Fred: The Movie, it seems that Bertha is tolerant of Fred. She shows a nicer side to him later in the film. They make a video of Fred's fake party together.

In Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred, Fred and Bertha meet Talia, Kevin's little sister. Fred and Bertha are seen being the only ones against Mr. Devlin, until Bertha is forced to play piano in his tutoring class. In the end, when Fred is describing his perfect girl, the camera pans out to him and Bertha repeatedly, hinting they may end up together.

In The Expired Cow, Fred and Bertha make a cake together for their Home Ec. project for school.

In The Battle of Little Figglehorn, Bertha seems shocked when Fred tells her that he is moving to Alaska

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