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|image =
|full name = Eloise
|friends = Fred
|relationships = [[Fred Figglehorn|Fred]]
|first episode = [[The Tutor]]
|actor = [[Tessa Netting]]
}} '''Eloise''' - Character 
What does she do now you may ask? She is now working at Cheyne Middle School. 
*1.[[The Tutor]]
*2.[[No Clue]]
*3.[[Best Freds Forever]]
*4. [[Fred's All-Nighter|Eloise's Mould Addiction]] (RARE EPISODE FROM GERMAN DVD)
*5. [[Fred-Holly Relationship|Apple Dumpling Curse]] (RARE EPISODE)[[File:Oo.gif|thumb|245x245px]]
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[[Category:Main characters]]
[[Category:Character in Series]]

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