“Best Freds Forever”
Season 1, Episode 4b
Best Freds Forever
Air Date

March 16, 2012


Ed Treaserese


Jonathan Judge

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Best Freds Forever is the second part of the fourth episode of Fred: The Show. It aired on Nickelodeon in the United States on March 16, 2012. In this episode, Fred and Kevin are paired up for a music presentation because Fred blackmailed him with something from their past, but when Kevin abandons him, will he recieve applause or will he crack under pressure?

Plot SummaryEdit

In this episode, Fred and Kevin need to make a project for music class. While doing this Fred discovers that when he was little he and Kevin were best friends, so he decides to push Kevin around to make Fred do everything for the project or he will show all the pictures to the school. When Kevin gets angry he lets Fred do the project alone because he doesn't want to be embarrass in front of the class. Later, when Kevin and his gang give Fred a wedgie, some guy attacks Kevin, who accedentally drops the photos. Everybody in highschool sees the photos. So look who's the victim, now. In the end, Fred meets a guy like him (Played by Ryan Potter).


Guest StarsEdit


  • This is the third of four times that a major guest actor has guest starred. The other three times were with Dillion Lane from Bucket & Skinner, Grace Dzienny from Supah Ninjas (Potter is also on that show) and Rachel Crow from The X-Factor.
  • Ryan Potter begins his recurring role as Fred's New Friend is this episode.
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